Al King
Al King is a Southern California native whose 42-year career in public service began when he was employed as a part-time recreation leader in his hometown of Santa Fe Springs. He went on to serve as Director of Parks and Recreation in Montebello, Community Services Director in San Juan Capistrano, and Beaches, Parks and Recreation Director in San Clemente. Throughout his career, Al has worked closely with community organizations, and elected and appointed officials. He has participated in the planning, design, construction and operation of major sports parks, community centers, aquatic facilities, golf courses, beaches, piers, and recreational trails amenities, while interacting with the public, design consultants, planners, engineers and geo technical specialists. Al has also worked with private land developers and negotiated important land and improvement dedication agreements for private and public facilities. He is well versed in strategic planning, priority setting, and budgetary processes.

Now retired, Al continues to devote his time to benefit the community. In addition to serving as a current board member of the SJC Open Space Foundation, he also served on the City of San Juan Capistrano's Open Space, Trails and Equestrian Commission. His vast experience with establishing master plans for the preservation of open space areas and the development of park and recreation facilities is an invaluable asset to the boards on which he serves.

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